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Villa DALI Danae: Where Heritage and Innovation Unite for Your Ultimate Retreat

Villa DALI Danae was renovated from an old Theran villa in 2015 and again in 2023. This spacious house provides the unique occasion to live in a private property that combines comfort and privacy.
The 80m2 high-ceiling house consists of three bedrooms, two bathrooms with shower made out of off-white polished cement, a living/dining-room, a fully equipped kitchen with modern facilities and a hall. Since May 2023 there is also a large heated jacuzzi (hot tub) at the back yard, suitable for 5-6 people.

Some antique furniture of the older house decorate the villa offering a different and classy touch. Contemporary aquarelle and oil paintings decorate the walls of all rooms of the villa. All three bedrooms are equipped with ecological mattresses and are ventilated with Westinghouse 4-speed ceiling fans for ecological reasons. All three bedrooms are also equipped with Carrier Air Conditioner (cool / heat) system of latest technology. The inner temperature in all places of the property is comfortable. The comfortable living/dining room has one sofa, which can easily be opened in a double bed accommodating two more people.

Villa DALI Danae - Elegance in 3D Motion

Embark on a captivating exploration of Villa DALI Danae through our immersive 3D illustration. Roam through its luxurious spaces, absorb the sweeping panoramic views, and let your imagination craft the ideal Santorini getaway. Click to commence a virtual journey that breathes life into this extraordinary villa. Your Greek paradise adventure unfolds here!

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Let the magic of Villa DALI Danae unfold before your eyes. Our video tour encapsulates the luxury and charm of Santorini living. Click now to experience the elegance and ambiance of this stunning villa.

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